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We chose to become candle merchants because we saw in that profession an honor that had passed down across tens of centuries. From the beginning we have sought-out candle manufactures who demonstrated respect for the profession, because of our belief that when burning a candle, one is connecting across more than two thousand years of human history, celebrating what has become recognized as representing many of mankind’s highest values. There are fine candles produced by industrial conglomerates, but it is the rare company, such as The A.I. Root Company, that embody the honor and traditions of being candle merchants. When a Root candle is burned, a special value is realized through the heritage that enhances the act of a thousand-year-old human connection.

Amos I. Root came to be a candle merchant in 1928 through his friendship with a Catholic priest, and his own business of inventing and carrying beekeeping supplies: Altar candles, at that time, were specified to carry beeswax as an ingredient. The A. I. Root Company was founded in 1869, and Amos Root became the leading expert on bee culture, actively publishing throughout his life. On the 125th anniversary of the founding of the company, The Candle Factory was honored to be presented with a celebratory medallion by the Root family as Root’s “largest independent old-line account”. We are respectful of the traditions we are charged to uphold, and honored to have shared a candle merchant relationship with The A.I. Root Company for over thirty years.

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