Bulk Taper Candles (USA)

Bulk Taper Candles (USA)

Made in: America
Information: Dripless
Wax Type: Paraffin
Pack: Varies

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The burning quality of our bulk line of Pure Candles is excellent.

When considering price, note that our shipping charge for orders placed online will be capped - including large bulk candle orders. Assumes UPS Ground delivery service. Rush shipments of institutional quantities of these candles can normally be arranged.
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Elaine Williams
no scent, long burning time they could come in other colors maybe but not scented.
I have been getting my votive candles from Candles.net for years. I have always been pleased with the quality of these candles. They also have extended burn times and are easy to clean out of the glass votive holder. I just pop mine in the freezer and after about an hour pry the entire mess out. No residue and best of all no scent. Scented candles give me a headache.
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