The flame of a candle has come to symbolize many of mankind’s highest qualities. The qualities of faith, hope, love, remembrance, celebration, freedom, and knowledge raise us toward fulfilling our highest capacity, and each is symbolized by the candle’s flame. This is our heritage as candle merchants, and it is the purpose to which we strive to do honor.

The Grand Traverse region of Northern Michigan is characterized by pure inland lakes, the deep cold fjord-like bay from which it takes its name, and a boundless expanse of quiet rolling forest land. The natives live with quiet reflective purpose, and have sustained The Candle Factory for nearly a half-century. Their enthusiasm for our efforts, and our faith in our purpose, is the blessing for our success.

The waterfront setting of our historic structure along the shore of Grand Traverse Bay has made it a physical destination for generations of loyal customers. Through our on-line presence as, we strive to extend our respect to each visitor to this site, and pledge to conduct ourselves in a manner reflective of human caring. The flame of the candle speaks warmly to the heart, and it is our task to facilitate and enhance that experience through our internet presence.